Compostable PLA Clear Cold Cups 12 oz and 16 oz no print 1000/count

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This is your Clear Renewable and Compostable Cold Cup without print! This cup holds drinks without leaking, rocks its environmental attributes, and showcases your delicious drink. This cup is 100% certified commercially compostable and responsibly returns to the soil.

Please allow up 5-10 business days for delivery. Please note in checkout comments if you have a requested date to be delivered by. 


  • Turn your drink into an environmental statement with this renewable, compostable cold cup.
  • 12 oz . size
  • 16 oz. size
  • Made from 100% renewable resources
  • 20 packages 50/ct
  • 1000 total cups in the case
  • Custom Print Available!
  • PLA material is sturdy with a 40 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit temperature tolerance
  • 20 oz and 24 oz available upon request. Please send notice to store.
  • BPA Free

    This item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and is safe for food contact.