Biodegradable Sugarcane Plant Based Straws 8.26 inch Length x .23 inch diameter

These Sugarcane straws are currently made from a patented sugarcane pellets. They are Environmentally friendly, plant-based and customers absolutely Love them!! They are non-plastic and non-toxic with a natural look and feel. Super Long Lasting, strong, and NO TASTE!  
Straw Dimensions  8.26" length x .23" width 
Case Dimensions - 32" x 13" x 23"
Case Weight - 28 lbs (7500 Wrapped Straws)
Large Box Weight - 6 lbs (1500 Wrapped Straws)
Box Weight - 1.5 lbs (375 Wrapped Straws)
We offer custom print on the outside wrapper.
Other sizes available
**LIMITED STOCK** TAKING ORDERS FOR DELIVERY IN JANUARY 2020! email: for more information!
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